I work with individuals, couples, and families.


Recover Your Strength

Are you feeling overly moody, upset and self-critical? Are you stuck or are facing a problem that is overwhelming that makes you feel bad no matter what you do? Depression, anxiety and self-doubt are difficult. Let’s take some time and look at where these moods and thoughts are coming from and change them. I use client focused, depth psychology, and emotionally focused psychology so you can find your way home to your authentic sense of peace and well being.

Improve Relationships

Tried of having the same arguments? Have a hard time picturing solutions that you and your partner can live with? Ready to leave or have you left or has someone already left you?  Being understood and understanding is central to living harmoniously. Let’s break the cycles of conflict and transforming your relationship into safe, and happy moments again.

Working with me, expect to talk about history of patterns of disagreements and arguments, what role life stresses and events have played in your troubles. With insight about your specific impasses, and intervening at key moments, I help you to get in touch again with your better self. I invite you to take that first step in helping recover your relationship and experience the love you once had within your union. Crisis’ are also opportunities in relationships.

Deal with Loss

Unexpected losses in relationships, work, or your health, of what used to be a happy family or marriage, can feel like the rug got pulled out from under you. It’s even more difficult if it’s hard to see how the next part of your life is going to work without that special someone, with compromised health, or without the clarity of what’s next. The vicissitudes of life can feel random, and can cause disorientation and so when you work with me, expect to be able to make sense, find balance and energy to move forward again

Heal from Trauma

Trauma can be one big event or some string of events and they all can damage our sense of well-being and safety. Brain neurology tells us that when we’ve had a threat to ourselves or our  loved ones it can change our nervous system. This is not the end of the story. We also know that brains and nervous systems can repair and heal. While unresolved trauma can make us reactive, therapy can help us heal and move beyond what has happened to us. You can recover from trauma but it takes the wisdom to know it’s time to get help. Regain your equilibrium, recover your sense of well being with specialized trauma treatment.