I was in treatment for 2 years and found the sessions non-threatening, warm and caring. Sarah helped me through the most difficult time of my life with compassion, and logical solutions that allowed me to move forward without ever feeling unsafe.  She took a holistic approach, which really helped me to find the solutions I needed to work my way out of depression and deal head on with my core issues. She helped me to find a great deal of meaning in the journey itself through self- reflection, readings and strategies.  She is not only a wonderful listener, and a great therapist-but an incredible human being.

Single parent of 3

I looked for a therapist that was experienced in women’s issues especially life transitions, anxiety and depression in middle aged women. I had been to other therapists that never really treated the core of my depression.  They put a band-aid on the problem and sent me on my way.  Sara is not that type of therapist. She is very kind, intelligent and has many approaches to helping one dealing with depression.  She is exceptional at being engaged and sedulous in her patient’s treatment.

Woman in her 50’s

I have nothing but positive things to say about Sarah Wells.  As a counselor, Sarah shows compassion, understanding, and most importantly empathy.  She helped me work through one of the hardest times of my life.  Working with her, I was able to learn some better coping skills, communication skills with my partner, and insight into my life.  I have seen a number of counselors, and I would highly recommend her.

Man in his 20’s

Sarah treated me for a decade, and during that period we covered many topics, from childhood trauma to career decisions. Sarah is thoughtful, encouraging, and–what was very important for me–a willing listener.

Thanks to the therapy I received, I am much better able to meet life’s challenges. Sometimes, in difficult situations, I ask myself, “What would Sarah advise?” Thanks to her insight and coaching, I am able to respond productively to recurrences of depression, anger, nightmares, and interpersonal conflicts. Her spiritual awareness has complemented my own growth in that area.  Her office is a place of warmth and serenity.

Married woman in her late 50’s

Sarah gave us the tools that we needed to effectively communicate and helped us break down the walls of resentment we had built up.”  “She encouraged us to really listen to one another as well as take care of ourselves individually in the process, and this helped create a very safe place in our marriage.”  “We really appreciate her and the dedication she had to helping us through the problems that we were having.

Married couple with 2 children

Sarah brings a level of knowledge and compassion to her practice that allows for a deep exploration into personal strengths and challenges. She provides an environment that cultivates growth and healing through genuine human connection and openheartedness. When meeting with Sarah one can expect kindness, support, and an opportunity to reframe and work through complex challenges.

Professional in her 20’s

Working with Sarah has helped me to realign my thought process while dealing with a divorce as well as an ailing father. I leave our sessions feeling “reset” and ready to look at the world and the role I play in that world in a more positive way!

Newly divorced 45 year old man